More B&W Photos of the Grateful Dead - The Sound System of the 77 Tour

Jim Anderson Photography
The Grateful Dead
Springfield Civic Center 4-23-77

For fans of the awesome 1977 "Living Room Concert" sound

"Living Room" concert sound from FM Sound, Inc.
The best part was the quality of the audio, with tube amps for the high-end drivers and Gauss
drivers, horn loaded, for the amazing bass; but the drawback was the sightline block, seeing the Band from left and right
By the next fall's tour, Healy went for a 'flown' system, from North West Sound, so almost everyone could see the Band onstage clearly
For me, this here was the best live concert sound ever heard !

The sound and lighting boards, when Candace and Dan stood shoulder to shoulder...
It's Amazing, but that's all it took back then to light and sound a show !!
(sound is the two boards on the left and center, and lights off to the right)

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Colt Park Sound System 1976

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