Jim Anderson first trained his cameras on The Grateful Dead in Springfield on June 30th 1974. And, as the Music, never stopped.
From that day, up to and beyond the last show with Jerry Garcia in Chicago on July 9th 1995, his photos cover the spectrum
from close-ups of the Band, concert lighting & stage design, and us Deadheads who carry the tradition.

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Photos from the May 1977 Boxed Set
- My Favorite Tour -

Featured Gallery
Dillon Stadium Hartford CT 31 July 1974

Brendon Byrne Arena March 31 & April 1,1988
as featured in Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 2

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Campground Jam .Guitars out, laying back on a hog in Oxford Maine 1988
Fun Fotos from Oxford Maine, 1988 on the 4th of July Weekend

odds and ends
a sample of other bands

Grateful Dead: The Illustrated Trip Image of Roosevelt '76
Seventy seven of Jim Anderson's photos are peppered throughout Grateful Dead The Illustrated Trip
Originally published in 2003, this book is the historic record of the Dead scene. Many thanks & kudos to the fine folks at DK Publishing, Maria Gibbs and Victoria Clark, who worked long and tireless hours in its production. The Illustrated Trip is now out of print and has become very collectible. Click on the link and check out Amazon for used and new copies.

This web site, started in 1998 (predating YouTube, Face-book, etc, by many years) is always a work in progress which is my personal time.

Jim Anderson's archive holds thousands of photos starting in the mid 1970's, throughout the '80's, with ton's of lighting design shots from the '90's. And not to forget, the 00's and now the 10's. Also, there are lots of cool shots of the Dead scene, not just the band and stage. What began as a fun endeavor as well as a deep underlying need to document the experience and stemming from Jim's professional photography career, also being a Deadhead and early taper and as time progressed, became a lifelong project to document this extraordinary cultural phenomena always evolving along the road.

Over time, a great deal of photography was shot specifically for good friend Candace Brightman, long time lighting designer for the Grateful Dead. Candace has her own company, Animated Architecture, and has done beautiful work lighting Phil & Friends, the '96 Olympic Village, The Dead tours in the 00's and Widespread Panic.

Jim Anderson's Dead photos have been seen in Dupree's Diamond News, DDN's Jerry Garcia Tribute, on VH1's Grateful Dead Legend's Series, in the Deadheads Taping Compendium, Entertainment Weekly, Lighting Dimensions Magazine, Performance Magazine, and the following:

May 1977 Box Set

Dave's Picks No's: 1, 2 & 4

Road Trips Volume 4 Number 2 Brendan Byrne Arena April Fool's 1988

Formerly The Warlocks: Hampton VA 1989

Grateful Dead To Terrapin: Hartford, May 28, 1977

Dick's Picks No's: 12, 13, 15, 17, 25, 29 & 34

Grateful Dead '01 Vault release - Nightfall of Diamonds

Bob Minkin - Art Designer and photography for Dick's Picks and GD DVD's

Anne Ramsey Cutler - Gekographics - Designer for Dick's Picks and Vault CD Art

'VH1 Legends: The Grateful Dead' Originally aired August 1995 - all reference removed from their site, oh-well
The 2003 Grateful Dead Calendar features several of Jim's photos
RIP: Heads Magazine - Canada
 Japan Times - Feature Article on Bob Weir in Japan
385K PDF file - used with permission)

My Last Photo ever at a Grateful Dead Concert - 9 July 1995 (95gdc19-37)

The Fireworks Finale
Soldiers Field 9 July 1995

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