Anderson Legal Photo Service

Anderson Legal Photography provides the highest level of visual evidence gathering and
documentation expertise to Trial Lawyers, Insurance Claims Units, and Corporate Risk Management.
Founded in 1956 by Robert F. Anderson and operated by 2nd generation professional photographer James R. Anderson,
no other photography business in Connecticut has more accumulated experience documenting civil evidence.

  • Highest quality Personal Injury photos
    Many years of experience in PI documentation results in the best techniques to preserve your clients injury status. We cover a case from photography at the hospital immediately after an accident, to a few years later to display to a jury or adjuster the permanent scarring your client is suffering. High resolution color photographs are printed in-house by the photographer with the finest Giclee printers for the most precise reproduction possible. The photographer will travel to your office, your clients home or his doctors office for maximum convenience to you and your client. By not having the high overhead of a studio location, costs are kept low and savings passed on to the client.

  • On location without delay when required
    Communication and speed of response is crucial to preserve the state of an accident scene or other situation. Photographer is available virtually 24 hours a day to be on-site before changes occur and evidence is lost.

  • In-house lab facilities
    Rush service with a turnaround time of 24 hours or sooner is available. All work is generated using the latest in high resolution digital capture technology. We have our own in-house digital lab facilities to produce the highest resolution b&w and color prints and files. All printing is done by the eye of the photographer to insure the most accurate reproduction possible and to guarantee a private line of custody & confidentiality.

  • The latest Digital Technologies & Techniques
    The most current digital technology is used for producing display enlargements for the courtroom. Hi resolution digital scanning for the enlarging of clients original photographs where no file or negative exists.

    Also available are courtroom display enlargements of non-photographic documents and other digital files, as well as the creation of story boards. We can scan, index, tag and then deliver images via the internet to other parties working on a case anywhere on the globe by means of secure web hosting for photographs and relevant data on a case.










Existing image duplication & archiving

Courtroom display prints & power point files

Web services, CD-ROM's & secure FTP

Video: Depositions, Locus, "Day in the Life"

No travel restrictions

Archived: CT Trial Lawyers Association Annual Meetings

A Partial Listing of our Clients, Big and Small

Adelman Hirsch & Newman, LLP - Allstate Insurance - Carmody & Torrance
Cohen & Wolf - Del Sole & Del Sole - Gillis & Gillis
Halloran & Sage - Lynch Traub Keefe & Errante
Kennedy Johnson - MetroNorth Railroad Risk Management
Paul Hastings Attorneys - Nationwide Insurance - Robinson & Cole
Ryan Ryan Deluca LLP - Wiggan & Dana
Transamerica Insurance- Tremont & Sheldon, P.C

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