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Since the mid 1950's when Robert F. Anderson began shooting professional photography in the New Haven CT area we have served the construction industry with on site work progress chronilogical, pre/post construction, ground level and aerial, still images and video documentation.

James R Anderson has personally acquired over 40 years of experience in construction progress documentation while working with numerous contractors and managers in all variety of disciplines from New Jersey to Maine. The ability to carry out assignments in a professional manner with timely response to emergency issues and current in the latest imaging technology, James R Anderson Photography is your first choice when placing a job out to bid for professional work progress photography.

We are able to work within strict budgets, handle complex projects with ease and are fully familiar with all variety of project specifications from architects and DOT engineers. Anderson Photography is registered with the State of Connecticut DAS Set Aside Program as a Small Business Enterprise, CCR Listed and is DBE/SBE certified.

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James R Anderson Photography has worked with the following clients:
Bourgeois & Shaw, Inc. | Petra Construction | CT Carpentry | Bridgeport Restoration | Mizzy Construction
Clark Companies | May Department Stores | K-Mart Construction Dept
We have a large historic collection of projects on film going back to the 1950's as well. None are digitized and remains a project for the future.

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James R Anderson is an Expert Witness in Legal Matters
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