James R Anderson Photography
New Haven, Connecticut
This is the website of photographer Jim Anderson. A Professional Shooter since the early '70s

pho·tog (f?-tog')
A person who takes photographs, especially as a profession;
a photographer.

That would be me

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I use PhotoShelter to host most all assignment, stock and personal work in galleries from which direct online sales and client downloads are accomplished. Please use the search box below to find specific images hosted there by keyword

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This is not a conventional photographer's web site. Most of this site is legacy, some of which dates back to 1998 with pages specific to different areas of my expertise and to display of some long past client assignments. No blog. No time for that.
Some pages are very dated and remain in place for old times sake. Unlike 'cookie cutter' photographers sites it's more rustic. I apologize if it's somewhat confusing and navigation difficult. It's a personal yet professional project though I spend all of my professional time behind a camera or in front of a computer working on my photos.

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